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Wings and Ribbons and Permanent Ink

Two years after being cancer free Trina decided to celebrate with a tattoo. She chose a wings tattoo across the top her back with a pink ribbon signifying her battle with breast cancer. The word “Warrior” was scripted across the tattoo in a nod not only to her own fight but to her “Warrior Sisters” who were now such an important part of her life. It was shortly after getting the tattoo that she found her cancer was back and had spread to her bones.

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Rise Above

“My only rule for this is that you never look down on me. I’m better than your pity. The reason that I don’t normally share my story is that I’m in a better place than I should be. My reality is that I should either be dead or a crack-whore. I’m absolutely one of those girls that is from the wrong side of the tracks,” she pauses, “but I’ve made it to the other side.”

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