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Wings and Ribbons and Permanent Ink

Two years after being cancer free Trina decided to celebrate with a tattoo. She chose a wings tattoo across the top her back with a pink ribbon signifying her battle with breast cancer. The word “Warrior” was scripted across the tattoo in a nod not only to her own fight but to her “Warrior Sisters” who were now such an important part of her life. It was shortly after getting the tattoo that she found her cancer was back and had spread to her bones.

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Celebrating the Lives of two Women

Trina impacted my life in such a significant way. She was breathtakingly stunning - her smile, her laugh, her energy - she was also strong, opinionated and a bit mischievous. However, the day I met Trina she was extremely fragile and vulnerable having only recently discovered that her battle with breast cancer was no longer at detente.

We didn’t accommodate cancer as a third wheel to our friendship, but fighting it served as our glue.

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Acting on the Realities of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Unfortunately, too many of our friends find out they are facing breast cancer of another color than pink. The current numbers are staggering. As many as 30 percent of those who have battled breast cancer, like my friend Trina, will see it come back. And if it spreads, 97 percent of the
time it can be slowed, but not stopped.

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Putting the Reality of Cancer into Words

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) steals the lives of 97 percent of its victims. There is no cure; it is basically a death sentence. Treatments won’t cure the disease; they just keep it at bay as long as humanly possible, or until the patient says, “I’m done. … ”

Many breast cancer patients don’t realize these harsh statistics. Even some oncologists stumble when it comes to explaining the severity of breast cancer if it metastasizes.

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