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Inspiration Expedition & the Reveal Mission

An inspiring group of breast cancer survivors who are preparing to scale the highest peak in the Grand Tetons. They are part of the Idaho non profit organization Expedition Inspiration. Photography done by Chad Estes of the Reveal Mission. Videography done by Daniel Klamerus.

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Reveal Mission open house with Jennifer Poole!

Join us for a special open house on July 19th where breast cancer survivor Jennifer Poole will add her story to the Reveal Mission gallery! She will have several amazing portraits displayed and she would like your help choosing which one to add to the permanent display! (Each vote will cost $1 which will go towards the purchase of the metal print and the ongoing support of the Reveal Mission gallery.)

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A Fish Out Of Water No More: What I Learned About Myself & Others At My First Idaho Fly Fishing Derby

Idaho2Fly was created to provide support for men with cancer. They offer 3-day fly fishing retreats at established resorts for men with all types of cancer, in any stage of treatment or recovery. All equipment, food and lodging are provided free of charge to their guests.

I enjoyed meeting the men who put on these retreats and seeing their passion for helping others through the access their sport can facilitate. They appreciated the coverage from my article and have stayed in touch with me, inviting me to volunteer at one of this year’s retreats. I knew the cost of admission would be learning to fly fish. As an native Idahoan this has been for me an unclaimed birthright.

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Celebrating the Lives of two Women

Trina impacted my life in such a significant way. She was breathtakingly stunning - her smile, her laugh, her energy - she was also strong, opinionated and a bit mischievous. However, the day I met Trina she was extremely fragile and vulnerable having only recently discovered that her battle with breast cancer was no longer at detente.

We didn’t accommodate cancer as a third wheel to our friendship, but fighting it served as our glue.

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Prayer and the Reveal Mission

No, I don’t make it a habit of ‘laying on of hands’ when I meet with a woman who has breast cancer. In fact, since I am often taking pictures of them revealing their scars I am careful not to touch them at all. But I also don’t hesitate on giving them one of my hands to grip during the middle of a procedure or exam. And I get a lot of chest to chest hugs (though many of them don’t have the nerve endings to feel it any longer). And the last time one of them kissed me it was from her deathbed and I don’t think that I’ve ever received such a holy kiss.

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High and Low Lights this Week with the Reveal Mission

When I shared my journey towards taking these portraits Heidi embraced me with her smile. When I explained that I initially faced this project with trepidation and that I had to ask friends to literally help build my faith and confidence – she understood. She also expressed the same gratitude towards my friends as I feel in my heart.

At the end of the night Heidi embraced me in a hug and encouraged me not to stop this project. I think she fueled it for a long time to come.

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