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The Nerve of This Guy

Damian is officially disabled. You wouldn’t know it to see him, but he has the scars, and the pictures to prove it.

“The muscles in your legs are like sausages,” he tells me. “There are four major muscles in your calves and they are each surrounded by an outer casing that holds the tissues together. My leg muscles were like overstuffed sausages while I was in the Army and their doctors did surgery on both my legs to slice apart the outer casing so that the muscles had room to grow.”

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Three Degrees from Normal

Having single vision hasn’t been a problem for Angelia. Since she never learned to focus with two eyes she hasn’t really experienced a vision loss; she just learned to get by with what she has. And besides not having good left side peripheral vision the only other time she notices the lack of two-eyed vision is when she is invited to a 3D movie.

But Angelia’s eyes have presented another form of pain for her – rejection.

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Abused, with Children

When you’ve escaped an abusive relationship you vow to yourself that you will never put yourself in that same place again. Wouldn’t life be grand if it had guarantees?

Kristine married for love, but it was to a man who beat her.

Once he broke nearly every bone in her face while three of his friends watched in the background, none of them coming to her aid or telling him to stop. Do you see a pattern?

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