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Rise Above

“My only rule for this is that you never look down on me. I’m better than your pity. The reason that I don’t normally share my story is that I’m in a better place than I should be. My reality is that I should either be dead or a crack-whore. I’m absolutely one of those girls that is from the wrong side of the tracks,” she pauses, “but I’ve made it to the other side.”

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Abused, with Children

When you’ve escaped an abusive relationship you vow to yourself that you will never put yourself in that same place again. Wouldn’t life be grand if it had guarantees?

Kristine married for love, but it was to a man who beat her.

Once he broke nearly every bone in her face while three of his friends watched in the background, none of them coming to her aid or telling him to stop. Do you see a pattern?

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