Is my story good enough to share?

Of course!

Who decides what is shared?

It is a collaboration effort between you and our staff. Nothing is published without your consent. You can opt out at any time of the process as it is your story. At the same time we reserve the right to publish what we fit best fits our mission.

How much does it cost?

While there are no financial costs to the participants you may have to face some fears and you may have to leave your comfort zone.


How do you make money?

Donations from people who believe in this work cover our expenses. We are working on our nonprofit status.

Do you travel outside of Idaho?

Yes, but we need expenses covered in advance of a trip.

Is nudity required to participate?

Not necessarily. The project is about revealing what we have be covering up so that we can move forward in healing. This requires vulnerability and trust. The photography and any shared stories have those values at the core. Your story of naked vulnerability may be physical, it may include a scar, or it may be something entirely different.