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Inspiration Expedition & the Reveal Mission

An inspiring group of breast cancer survivors who are preparing to scale the highest peak in the Grand Tetons. They are part of the Idaho non profit organization Expedition Inspiration. Photography done by Chad Estes of the Reveal Mission. Videography done by Daniel Klamerus.

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Steps To Take After You Get A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In January 2013, I was contacted by a photographer who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Debbie Gibb and her husband, Mike, asked me to capture their journey through photos.

What I learned over the next 18 months changed the way I view patient rights and advocacy. I have met some wonderful, talented and caring doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists and social workers in our hospital systems. I have also experienced, with Debbie and several other breast cancer patients, how some areas of patient care can easily fall through the cracks.

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High and Low Lights this Week with the Reveal Mission

When I shared my journey towards taking these portraits Heidi embraced me with her smile. When I explained that I initially faced this project with trepidation and that I had to ask friends to literally help build my faith and confidence – she understood. She also expressed the same gratitude towards my friends as I feel in my heart.

At the end of the night Heidi embraced me in a hug and encouraged me not to stop this project. I think she fueled it for a long time to come.

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Facing Your Reflection

Mastectomies aren’t pretty. None of us pretended that what we were seeing was something other than it is. Her breasts are no longer there. In their place are large horizontal scars, some sagging skin that was saved for reconstruction, and two drainage tubes.

She cried, she touched, she turned and showed. She made comments both about the severity of her scars as well as how it wasn’t as bad as what she imagined it could be. She turned to her husband and he grabbed the drainage bags and pretended he was squeezing them like air pumps. “You look a little deflated there honey; let me help pump these back up!” We all laughed.

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To Have and to Hold

I stumbled across you today and I am reaching out to see if you can help me. I regret that I didn’t get to see your work on Breast Cancer Survivors as I just heard about it today. You see, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery this Thursday for a double mastectomy. I am really grieving this loss that I am about to experience. A thought came to me that I should have pictures of myself as I am now… as a reminder of these breasts that have been such a part of me for such a long time.

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